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Posted on: June 14, 2010 2:03 am
After watching game 5 tonight, i noticed that the NBA has been getting worse year after year.  Im not talking about talent level.  Im talking about the teams and team play.  For example, you think that either the Celtics or the Lakers would be able to hang with jordans Bulls?  Heck NO!  Or can these teams hang with the early 2000's Lakers?  (Dont think so)  Um how about the Rockets with hakeem Olajuwon?  Geeze the Spurs with the Twin Towers would be slaping around these two teams!  These two teams in the Finals this year are so inconsistant its not even funny.  Can we see one great game outa you two?  Or can one of you teams play just one great game and blow the other team out??  Comon now, this is THE NBA FINALS!!  Maybe it will be better next year if the celtics loose inconsistant Ray Allen and get Dwyane Wade and the Lakers cut ties with the injury plagued Andrew Bynum and replace him with a great Chris Bosh...  Then just maybe we will finally see again a Great NBA championship team.
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